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Gavroche to Bahorel



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Cursed name of a dog! That’s just the thing, dear brother
in arms; I’ll learn Latin from you, then, and no other,
and when to boil a pretty egg, and dash a dray right over,
and keep the petty shopkeepers in a fine lather -
O I’ve stomach enough, but I can like your pluck
and join you in your stanchion soon enough.
If I’d grown up it’s dearth or gallows
since it’s amazing what the Church can swallow,
but as it is, ignored by priest and politician,
let’s lie together in the grave of all ambition,
and raise a protest with the paving-stones
a whistled song, a flag, a satire, and our brave bones:
dear mother Paris is dressed up like Augustus’ Rome
and père nor Pear won’t offer me a home 

oh my word this is perfect and thus a thing of painful joy forever

assumesarcasm , if you’re around these days, LOOK LOOK.

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i’ll only make a couple of characters and they’ll all have something important to do with each others plot!


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Filed under ahahahahaha weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellll i mean they do all definitely have something to do with one of the plots they are just not always important until they accidentally ARE and then i have to go back and rework them and asdfghk storytelling why (this is especially hilarious bc at the beginning i did indeed have six main characters who were very carefully linked to each others' stori (and then basically started worldbuilding and now who even is a main character what is a main character) tag natter Commonplace

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We must all meet our fate sooner or later, and whatever is destined to happen will happen. Nothing we can do will alter it. You know I am a fatalist.
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Oh, so John Winchester did the best he could? I think Jean Valjean, another paranoid trauma survivor raising a child whose mother is dead would beg to differ.

you realize now we need a fic where jean valjean swoops in and raises dean and sam to be french roman catholic singing hunters

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Filed under wait yes and the boys and cosette get to be epic monster hunters all together and they show up at the barricade and save everybody's butts this is the best crossover fix-it AU idea i've read in like ever someone write it heck maybe I'll stick a reblog of this in my drafts to show up at the start of holidays so that it might actually hit when people have time to write because i want to read this so much les mis Supernatural for TS

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also haha that last bit I am 99% sure is Kata doing her best Szil impression, I just wish the camera had been a bit lower to catch whatever the fuck she does with her leg

this video makes me so happy

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